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Local Fianna Fáil County Councillor, Cormac Devlin has welcomed the complete demolition of all buildings on former Deerhunter site. He raised the issue at a local Area Committee meeting;

Motion: Councillor Cormac Devlin
That the Manager instructs the property owner/agent of the Deerhunter Site to:

a) Demolish/level all buildings on this site and clear the site completely
b) To remove advertisements/signage and fine any further advertisers or company that displays signage on the hoarding
c) To request that all hoarding is painted a uniform dark colour (preferably black)
d) To give a detailed report as to the recent communications between the Council and the owner/agent of this site?

Managers Report:
Notice was served on all relevant owners/agents of the Old Deerhunter Site on 16 November 2011, under the Sanitary Services Act, 1964. The Dangerous Buildings Section has instructed that the following works are carried out on the Site:

• Make safe the dangerous structures by demolishing, clearing and levelling all dangerous structures contained thereon to ground level and clear, level and remove all debris;

• Remove all existing dangerous hoarding to public frontage;

• Leave site clear of trip hazards and dangers;

• All services, whether exposed or not, are to be left in a safe, i.e. non-dangerous, condition;

• Utilise existing wall and gates as necessary to create a continuous barrier to public perimeter of site to ensure passive surveillance while preventing vehicular access. Provide one lockable access point.

Work commenced a number of weeks ago and is due to be completed before the end of May 2012. The existing hoarding will be removed as part of the work specified above.

Communications between the owners/agents, both verbal and written, are ongoing to ensure the works are completed. Periodic inspections of progress are being carried out by the Dangerous Buildings Inspector and we are satisfied that works are progressing as notified and agreed.
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