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Local Councillor, Cormac Devlin having met with local school students who raised this issue with him, has requested the Council to repair and replace the poor quality lighting along Pearse Street, Sallynoggin at a local Area Committee meeting recently;

MOTION: Councillor Cormac Devlin
That the Manager carries out repairs and improves the poor level of public lighting along Pearse Street, Sallynoggin. Since being installed in late 2009 these lights have continuously given off a poor level of light and several lights have broken since I raised this issue last.

A technical problem has arisen with a small number the lights on this street. The new lights were installed as part of the housing development for the Street. The problem has therefore been referred back to the original installation contractor and also to the supplier of the fittings. A series of tests and investigations have been carried to identify how the problem can be resolved.

A solution has been worked out by the supplier of the equipment and the original contractor is due to implement this change shortly, this is planned to be completed by the end of May.

As regards the level of lighting, this new lighting scheme has been designed to the latest European Norm lighting standards and thus technically wise is considered appropriate. There is a perception issue with the colour of this new modern lighting and numerous meetings with the designers on this issue have taken place. At a recent meeting it was agreed that they would carry out a trial to change a group of these lights to what may be considered a more pleasing type colour. The trial will then be reviewed and if it is considered successful the rest of the scheme will be upgraded accordingly.
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