The Library is now due to close on 31st March. FG & LAB Councillors accepted a "compromise" by Council Management for a small voluntary book lending service to operate out of the new Youth & Community Centre. Cllr. Devlin criticised the proposed location of the "compromise" service stating that "the new Youth & Community Centre should not be used in this way; it should be strictly used for recreational purposes and activities for the young people of the area and the community at large and not for a temporary book lending service. The youth of this area need more space, not reduced space due to the Council closing their own library. Government funding of €150,000 was not given to this area so the Council could transfer their library service of books from Sallynoggin Senior College to the new, purpose built Youth & Community facility!"

The Council have now agreed a deal to house a part-time voluntary library in the Holy Child Community School. It will open on; Tuesday  4 – 6pm, Thursday    6 – 8pm & Friday    4 – 6pm.

During the Budget meeting, Councillor Devlin attempted to pass the following 2 motions but these were "conveniently" ruled out of order (to the delight of Fine Gael & Labour Councillors). The motions read:

1) It was proposed by Councillor Cormac Devlin:
“That the Manager amends the opening hours of Sallynoggin Library in order to retain the facility and does not proceed to close this library.”

2) Councillor Devlin also tabled the following motion to highlight the fact that the closure was not motivated by lack of funding;
“That the Manager allocate in the 2010 Budget appropriate funding to ensure that the services of Sallynoggin Library continue into the future.”

The Manager made clear that this facility was not closing due to "lack of funding" but rather reduced staffing resources. Councillor Devlin suggested that the Manager should attempt to have other library staff work part-time in the Sallynoggin Library in order to keep this important facility open but his proposal was not taken on-board.

The voting record of all local Fine Gael & Labours Councillors who voted to close the Sallynoggin Library:

Bailey, John F.  FG      
Bailey, Maria     FG       √
Baker, Marie      FG        √
Bhreathnach, Niamh LAB     √
Devlin, Cormac   FF
Dillon Byrne, Jane     LAB     √
Fitzpatrick, Stephen   LAB            √
Marren, Donal     FG      √
Mitchell O’Connor, Mary    FG       √
O’Callaghan, Denis    LAB     √
Smyth, Carrie     LAB     √
Ward, BarryFG      √
Total No of Votes:                  21       4

Councillor Devlin had established an online petition in order for local residents to register their disgust at the proposal. This petition was sent to all local Fine Gael & Labour Councillors (who control the Council) and their TD's in Dún Laoghaire. Deputies; Seán Barrett (FG) TD & Eamon Gilmore TD (LAB) who stated there own opposition to the closure yet their own party Councillors voted to close it;

"Dear Councillor Devlin,  I have received a considerable number of emails linked to a petition on your website about the County Council's proposals in its 2010 Budget to close the  Sallynoggin Library. I would regret very much if this wonderful facility had to be closed, and sincerely hope that you and your colleagues will do all you can to keep it in place....."

"Dear Constituent, A Fianna Fáil Councillor has sent me a letter which apparently he wrote himself, but which has your name on it, concerning rumours about the closure of Sallynoggin library......There have been rumours that Sallynoggin Library is to close. However the actual situation is that Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council has made no decision to close the library...... You may be assured that I will personally oppose any closure of Sallynoggin Library."

Obviously neither TD has any local power of persuasion with their own party colleagues because their own party Councillors voted to close Sallynoggin Library. Cllr. Devlin recommends that residents email those Councillors and TDs to register their disgust and anger at the decision taken by these parties during the 2010 Budget and the action that they would like to be taken.

Their email addresses are as follows (you may copy and past these directly into an email message):;;;;;;
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Despite claims by Fine Gael & Labour Councillors just 1 month earlier that it was only "rumour", they still voted to close Sallynoggin Library in late December 2009. Cllr Devlin mounted a large campaign against the closure of the Sallynoggin Library however he was out-voted during the 2010 Council Budget after all Fine Gael & Labour Councillors (who control the Council) voted against the wishes of the local community by closing this local facility open.
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