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The iconic White Cottage site has been vacant for nearly 15 years and in early May 2016, Councillor Devlin once again raised this eyesore with the Council and requested that they write to the owners of the Killiney Beach site in order to have it cleaned up and secured.

Over the past number of months, several people have raised this issue with me and in turn I have raised it both with the Council in 2015 and in 2016 as the problems still persists. Ideally, people would prefer to see the site in-use, maybe this renewed interest by the Council will spur on an application.

On Monday 4th May, I tabled a motion requesting "the Manager to write to the owner(s) of "White Cottage" on Killiney Beach, with a view to having them urgently clean up, secure and paint their property as it has become an eyesore in this idyllic location. Failing appropriate action, that the Manager exercises the Derelict Sites Act and informs the members of this Area Committee of any further developments?"

The council replied stating that "The site in question is currently on the Derelict Sites Register and the registered owners have been requested to have the following works carried out;

* Boundary fence to the site to be made secure

* Windows and doors to be boarded up.

* Graffiti to be removed.

* Litter/dumped material to be removed and site to be tidied up.

Appropriate levies in accordance with the Derelict Sites Act have also been notified to the registered owners. These levies remain unpaid. The Council will continue to correspond with the owners to have the required works carried out."

VIDEO: Click here to view a 2009 video of the site.

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