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In early 2015, Dublin Bus proposed to remove the 7 bus from the Sallynoggin area and re-route it through Glenageary. I was completely against this proposal and I organised an online petition to prevent it. Thanks to the hundreds of submission, I am pleased to advise that Dublin Bus have now agreed to retain a bus service in the Sallynoggin area (which will now be called 7A). They also intend to put the 7 bus along the Sallyglen Road. Each bus service will operate every 30 minutes and Dublin Bus believe routing the 7 down Sallyglen Road could save between 5-10 minutes. As a result, they are proposing 6 bus stops along the Sallyglen Road to facilitate this change.

At a meeting in March between Dublin Bus, Council officials and Councillors, Dublin Bus briefed us on the agreement they reached with the National Transport Authority (NTA) and Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council regarding the the following bus stops along Sallyglen Road. Here is a list of them along with my comments on each one;

To view in more details the proposed new bus stops (#1, #3, #4, & #6) click here
To view the existing bus bays (#2 & #5) click here
To view the proposed location of all the above bus stops, click here

Bus Stop #1 - At the entrance to Sallyglen Road (coming from the Graduate Roundabout) this bus stop could block the traffic coming from the Graduate Roundabout. I suggested that they could either indent this bus stop into the green space therefore allowing cars to freely pass the bus or they could remove this stop and use the existing stop on the corner of Churchview Road & Church Road (#3229). If not, I believe the current layout will cause a danger to both motorists and pedestrians alike coming from the Graduate Roundabout as there won't be sufficient space for cars to pass the bus once stopped here. Equally, if cars back up onto the roundabout, this will cause traffic gridlock on all other approach roads. As another alternative they could use the existing bus bay beside the playing pitches/field at Thomastown Road.

Bus Stop #2* Located in the existing bay just after the pedestrian crossing half way up the Sallyglen Road.

Bus Stop #3 - As you exit Sallyglen Road onto the Glenageary Roundabout. This stop will cause a further back-up of traffic particularly at peak times along the Sallyglen Road. Again this stop could be indented into the grass or it could be relocated onto Glenageary Road Upper where there is an existing bus stop (#6103) or they could create a brand new bus stop on the Noggin Hill (Glenageary Road Lower) outside Glenageary Lodge. This would be safer as the road is wider at this point.

Bus Stop #4 - As you exit the Glenageary Roundabout (between Glenageary Shopping Centre & Gowan Motors). They should indent this bus stop into the grass verge. If not, cars will be forced to stop behind the bus. This will cause further traffic congestion on all approach roads leading onto the Glenageary Roundabout. The traffic on this roundabout is already very congested so a bus stopping blocking the single lane on the Sallyglen Road could exacerbate the problem.

Bus Stop #5* Located in the existing car bay just after the pedestrian crossings (near the Dalkey School Project) heading                               towards the Graduate Roundabout

Bus Stop #6 - As you exit the Sallyglen Road onto the Graduate Roundabout. Again this bus stop should be indented into the grass verge so it will further reduce car traffic down into one lane causing further traffic disruption along this stretch of road. The existing wall will not be removed however a new footpath will have to be built which will result in the removal of some trees however a commitment has been given to replanted replacement trees.

To view in more details the proposed new bus stops (#1, #3, #4, & #6) click here
To view the existing bus bays (#2 & #5) click here

To view the proposed location of all the above bus stops, click here

Dublin Bus propose to retain a 30 minute service (to the City Centre) on the existing route through Sallynoggin (Pearse area)  which will now be referred to as the 7A.

Dublin Bus intend to provide another service (7 bus) every 30 minutes (to the City Centre) along the Sallyglen Road.

In addition, it is proposed to operate an hourly service Monday to Saturday on the 111 route which will be routed through Sallynoggin (Pearse area) to serve the local area.

I would encourage all local residents to make a submission which is free and must be done before Wednesday 6th April.

You can either submit yours comments directly online or you can do it by email by clicking here

Submissions can also be made in writing by posting them to;
The Senior Engineer, Traffic Section
C/O New Bus Routing - Sallyglen Road
Municipal Services Department
Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council
County Hall, Marine Road
Dún Laoghaire, Co. Dublin
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